by Soressa Gardner

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released October 3, 2017

Vocals and electronics - Soressa Gardner
Keyboard/piano (track 1) - Cat Toren
Audio processing effects (track 1) - Brent Cross
All songs composed by Soressa Gardner
Co- recorded, mixed and produced by Soressa Gardner and Brent Cross
Mastered by Brent Cross at The Grizz, Vancouver, BC


all rights reserved



Soressa Gardner Vancouver, British Columbia

Soressa Gardner is vocalist, laptop composer/improvisor, and sometimes songwriter. She currently resides in Qualicum Beach. Her keen sense of mood, colour, humour and gravitas are expressed through extended vocals enhanced by electronic manipulations and sound-worlds carefully crafted from a variety of audio processing techniques. She performs regularly with VEE (Vancouver Electronic Ensemble). ... more

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Track Name: Static Dreams
We are lost in static dreams
Tossing styrofoam beads
at a vintage TV screen

Layers of dancing snow
Obliterate the TV show
We try like mad to brush it away
An exponential breeding craze

The humming beads turn silver grey
Mercury a shimmering poison play

A million beads in great cascades
Roll to ever corner of the space
Gather me, gather me all
Into one giant luminous ball
There’s work to do in outer space
You know your role you know your place
I wake up sweating, tense and afraid

We are lost in static dreams...
Track Name: Ocean
my head’s jammed in the sand
how could you understand
what it takes to stay
my course on such a day
your parade’s my

to lock myself indoors
stretch out on the floor
drink whiskey by the glass
cursing ’til I pass out
to dream or to drown
in my ocean

sunlight glitters on the past
the time before the aftermath
I had a 50/50 chance
of a workable mind
a walkable path

what gift might you grant
a strategy or chant
to drive off the insane
voices that remain
they drown the whale songs
in my ocean

the ostrich I admire
for defeating his desires
persisting not to see
all his life could be
jammed his head in the sand
with good reason


I don’t know where you go
when I need you the most
I don’t know what to do
in this new life without you

I’ll give it one more year
of brittle nerves and fear
nothing more to do
oh for an excuse
I’m alone
in this ocean

Track Name: Don't Talk
call it a day
been working too hard
you can’t unsay it
once you start
better not start

counting all
the friends you’ve lost
who fell away
plaster to dust
all the friends you’ve lost

I don’t like the way
I don’t like the way you talk
don’t talk to me
don’t talk to me

sing it how
you want it sung
don’t tell me first
I’ve sung it wrong
sing it how you want

pulling the reins
on who you love
it’s not okay
don’t push your luck
pulling the reins on who you love


now you’ve gone too far
where’d you learn
to push so hard
now you’ve gone
too too far
Pushing so hard
Pushing so hard

call it a day
been working too hard
you can’t unsay it
once you start
don’t start

Track Name: Hold Me
Can’t starve it forever
snake’s out of the jar
I’m tossing back sadness
in this hillbilly bar

Broke us a promise
when I twisted your arm
We’ll drink ’til it’s dark
and stumble home by the stars

Down by the river
the water runs cold
so far from friends
feeling so old

Paying the penance
for bruising you heart
how many times can I
promise a fresh start?

Hold up
Suspend time
scroll back
in my files
was there a time
even as a child
that she’d
hold me?

Ya, I know dreams collapse
I failed to leave town
petty crime’s been driving
the both of us down

Feeding a habit
precious as a good crown
ya, yank out my tooth
I’d try to pawn it downtown

Hold up suspend time
build a profile from my files
is there a time
in my life
that she’ll
hold me?

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